July 7, 2014

Spousal Maintenance Issues

Poughkeepsie Lawyers For Spousal Maintenance Issues

At The Law Office of Kevin M MacKay, we simplify the complex to help our clients achieve favorable outcomes in a wide range of matrimonial law matters — especially those regarding long-term financial needs. Our Poughkeepsie spousal maintenance attorneys can help you protect your best interests and make sure that you get a fair deal that sets you up for lasting success.

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What Is Considered In Determining Spousal Maintenance And Alimony?

If the circumstances of a divorce result in a large income or employability disparity between the spouses, then short-term or long-term financial compensation could be awarded to one spouse from the primary wage earner in the form of spousal maintenance (commonly known as alimony).

Some factors that are taken into consideration when determining spousal maintenance in New York are:

  • Education level and job training of each individual
  • Short-term and long-term health care needs
  • Each spouse’s ability to earn
  • How long the couple has been married
  • The standard of living
  • Age of children and number of children

The Experience You Need To Make Adjustments Regarding Your Financial Needs

It is crucial that you hire an experienced lawyer who can protect your best interests and achieve a fair agreement that will not leave you struggling to make ends meet once your divorce is final. Even after a divorce is final, we can help you make adjustments and modifications to help you keep agreements fair and reasonable as your life changes. We have decades of experience in matrimonial law and divorce issues and can bring that skill to achieving a fair resolution for you.